Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celaeno Shawl

Last night I finished the Celaeno Shawl.  After binding off, I gave it a quick soak and blocked it.  This morning I ran out and got a few quick pictures before the rain (will it ever stop?). 
I love how the beads are incorporated into the lace pattern.  They show up really well in sunlight adding a bit of sparkle here and there.

Over the weekend my order from KokoNoelle arrived:
Noelle and her sister make these beautiful nest buttons by hand.  The picture doesn't show it well but they look like little birds nests.  I purchased a few of them at Maryland Sheep & Wool and when I got home I realized that I needed a few more and Noelle was kind enough to send them right out.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday the Somewhat Random Day

Monday's tend to be random and scattered for me. The start of the week which seems to begin in a fog 

Celaeno Shawl in Shalimar Yarns Breathless  The pattern is a fun knit and the yarn is very soft.  It's a blend of wool, cashmere and silk.  I found the beads at AC Moore and they match perfectly.

As the day goes on, it brightens up filling the world with beauty and light.

I took this picture on Saturday.  The clouds look so much like a bird in flight.  Art in nature captivates me.

The garden has been growing in leaps and bounds.  In the past I haven't had much luck with vegatables.  Flowers grow like crazy for me.  The vegatables either don't grow at all or the deer demolish them.  This  year we have added a stealthy fence made of fishing line.  We have also been sprinkling Irish Spring Soap around the edges of the garden to deter any veggie stealing critters.  So far it's working.

Everything in this salad came from our garden.  The strawberries went really well with bleu cheese dressing. 

I have successfully killed every lavendar plant for the previous four years.  Above is success!  Seven lavendar plants.  All growing and producing for us.  Im going to make sachets to put in my yarn storage boxes to deter any moths from having a feast.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dusk is my favorite time of day.  It goes to say that I am not much of a morning person.  I have nothing against mornings really.  The sun comes up, the day begins, birds are singing.  It sounds good in theory.  And I am fine with it as long as there is coffee involved.  Lots of coffee.

But dusk, dusk is amazing to me.  It is the pregnant pause of the day.  There is a moment just before the sun goes down when the light is just perfect.  After the rain it has a greenish gray aspect to it that can't be replicated outside of nature.

The lambs ears look incredible in this light.  Silvery and green with the light catching the delicate softness of the leaves.

The Salvia really looked this vibrant in the dusk.

I love how the veins of this flower look in contrast to the dark green of the leaves.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bunnies and Cake

What a great day it has been.  It's not often that can be said about a Monday.  I hope the rest of the week continues in this manner.

When I came home this little guy was next to our walk.  He stayed there while I ran and got the camera and then hid in the bushes.  He was out again later on.  I think his (her?) mom must be nearby.  We have had so much rain recently that their warren may have gotten flooded. 

I tried a new cake recipe that IrishGirlieKnits posted on Ravelry.  Not only was it super easy but it
tastes great. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Last weekend my husband and I took a trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  We had a fabulous time walking though the sheep barns, checking out the yarn vendors and getting to see a bit of the Sheep to Shawl contest.  There was music playing in the main vendor building as well as outside. We had some time in the evenings to visit with friends we haven't seen since last year and met some new friends too. 

A handspun shawl at the Fiberoptic Booth

The Princess and Queen of Wool.  I think this would be the best title to have. Ever.

A group of youths at the Sheep to Shawl Contest.  They were really well organized and I loved the color coordination of their warp on the loom and their t shirts.

This group was very well prepared with a wagon for the new wheel they came away from the auction with. 

This is the t shirt line.  I preorderd mine since I didn't want to waste time standing in line.  It was totally worth paying shipping for!

This sheep had triplets. 

Susan from Susans Spinning Shop with one of her orphaned lambs.

This is the Sanguine Gryphon booth.  It was their first year at the festival and I swear it was this crowded each time we went by.  My very cool and most awesome husband stood in line here for me and sent me off to check out the other booths.  He rocks :)

Stash enhancement.