Monday, May 16, 2011

Bunnies and Cake

What a great day it has been.  It's not often that can be said about a Monday.  I hope the rest of the week continues in this manner.

When I came home this little guy was next to our walk.  He stayed there while I ran and got the camera and then hid in the bushes.  He was out again later on.  I think his (her?) mom must be nearby.  We have had so much rain recently that their warren may have gotten flooded. 

I tried a new cake recipe that IrishGirlieKnits posted on Ravelry.  Not only was it super easy but it
tastes great. 


  1. Sweet bunny! I'm going to try that recipe b/c I know anything you make is delicious. I hope your week is still as great as Monday. : )

  2. Gosh so cuet! I cant believe he let you take a picture this close up!