Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Rambling

Last year I received eleven pounds of Cotswold locks.  They were washed and picked and had a wonderful luster.  I dyed some of them, used some for felting and still had a little over eight pounds left over.  I packed them up and sent them off to Singleton Fiber Processing in Frederick, MD.  I was able to pick up the finished pencil roving from them at Maryland Sheep & Wool last month.  It's spinning up easily and in a nice worsted weight.  I plan on spinning some of it in lace weight too.  After all, eight pounds of roving is going to make a huge amount of yarn! 

My husband and I have been working on turning what used to be our spare room/office into a proper crafting room.  I really needed more storage space for yarns and patterns as well as for knitting books.  We found these inexpensive book cases at Walmart and they fit in the little alcove perfectly:

There is a still a bit of extra room here and there if more storage space is needed.  Two of the large baskets are holding small knitting project bags with patterns and yarn all ready to go.  So much of my time is spent trying to put yarn and patterns together.  Now when I  find a pattern that is perfect for yarn that is in my stash I print it out and put it with the yarn.  If Im in a pinch and looking for a new project I can just grab one of these and be ready to go.

We found this Victorian wicker love seat at a vintage shop on one of our weekend travels.  It's very comfortable and a great place to sit and kit.  The braided rug was made by my Great Grandmother.  She cut strips of old clothing to make it.

Im currently working on a test knit for IrishGirlieKnits .  Summer Wind is an infinity scarf and a super quick and easy knit.  I should be finished with it today and will have finished pictures later on this week.

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  1. Im so glad your converting the space into a craft room, love the rug your graet grandmother made!