Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's been a fantastic week!  Ive been spinning every day for the Tour de Fleece and making great progress.  Here is one of the skeins of Cotswold that have been spun, plied and then finished (washed).  500 yards so far plus one fully plied bobbin that needs to be skeined and measured.  The Cotswold has such an incredible luster and sheen.  It's really a joy to spin.  I'm looking forward to knitting a sweater with it later on this year when the temperatures cool down a bit.

Ive also been having some fun in the kitchen!  Last week Beth and I took another trip to Morris Orchard and this time picked black berries.  They are sweet and oh so good.  Hard to stop eating while we were picking!  Beth shared a recipe for Black Berry Liqueur and of course I had to try it.  It takes 10 days to process.  Andy and I anxiously awaiting the results.  I think this is a good excuse to find some cordial glasses!
Our garden is producing tomatoes almost faster than we can eat them.  I canned salsa on Sunday and it's really good!  I'm not much for using mixes for anything, but found this at the store and thought I would give it a try:  Mrs. Wages Salsa  It's very good and super easy to make.  I also made some seedless black berry jam.  Yum!

The Stripe Study Shawl for the Shalimar Yarns KAL is off the needles and blocked.  I changed the width of the stripes from the original pattern and love how it turned out.  It took one skein of Breathless in Cranberry and Black Truffle.  We are getting ready for our next Shalimar KAL and would love to hear your ideas!  Please join us on our Ravelry Group

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  1. Keep the good stuff coming Lara! You've been spinning up a storm - it's GORGEOUS! I've never made liqueur but you're tempting me. I have black raspberries - do you think they'd work? xoxo