Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is that a Gargoyle in your Strawberries, or are you just happy to see me?

This is one of two Garden Gargoyles that we have.  We figured they would keep the Garden Gnomes away.  The strawberries are blooming and a few of them have the beginnings of berries on them.

This morning I got up extra early and went out to work on the garden before the bee's came out.  I have to plan my garden work carefully as I am highly allergic to stinging insects of all kinds.  It can be challenging at times but I try to make the best of things.

Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, beans, leeks, swiss chard and carrots all planted this morning.  The soaker hose is new this year.  Im hoping it cuts down on the amount of physical work required to keep things watered.  Im also laying down newspaper and will place straw on top.  I ran out of newspaper which is why this part isn't done yet!

On the home improvement front we have a completed project! 

This is our bedroom.  The paint is Behr Pewter Mug and was the closest color we could find to Shalimar Black Truffle.  My most favorite color of all!

Andy has been working on replacing and reconfiguring the stairs leading to our finished basement.  They have been a bane to my existence.  I actually fell down them the first time I was ever here while carrying plates of pizza.  The carpet on them and in the basement is cream color and I was horrified that I was going to drop the pizza and Andy would never have me over again.  Well, I didn't drop the pizza and we have been married for almost seven years so it worked out pretty well.

Before reconfiguration:

The plan is to paint the treads black and the risers will be wainscoting in white.  Hopefully finished pictures to come soon!


  1. Your garden is spectacular, Lara! What does the newspaper & straw do? Prevent weeds, keep moisture in the soil, both?
    I heard that the bees are terrible this year...must be that global warming thing. ;) The stairs are GORGEOUS and Andy's hard work will pay off ten fold. Your whole home is really beautiful. I love the paint you chose for your bedroom - it couldn't be any more perfect. xo

    1. Thanks! The newspaper and straw are hopefully going to prevent weeds.

  2. Hi Lara, if you contact me via the email on my blog I will happily forward you the pattern. I only have a photocopy but it should scan ok, regards, Jane.

    1. I love your blog Jane! Thanks so much, a friend of mine found a tutorial on line that looks similar.