Thursday, July 19, 2012


Earlier this year I had the opportunity to take Anne Hanson's Sweater Fitness Class at the Shalimar Yarns Studio in MD.  Ive always been particular about my clothing and how it fit's.  Anne's class really helped me to get to the next level in my knitting.  When I returned home I immediately cast on for Sprossling in Breathless Hemmingway.  My goal was to have the sweater completed by TNNA so I could wear it while working in the Shalimar booth. 

Because the pattern sizes didn't match my measurements, Anne showed me how to make adjustments to ensure a proper fit by changing needle sizes in one area.  Since I prefer a lower neckline I dropped it down by two inches.  In the past Ive been hesitant to make changes to a pattern.  What if it didn't look right?  Or the fit was off?  Knitting can be ripped back, but Im one of those people who is in constant denial if something isn't going right.  I just keep knitting and ignore the problem until sleeves are miles too long or a hat is so big it could fit a giant.   I did make some mistakes on the decreasing and increasing and had to re-knit the fronts of the Sprossling.  I kept telling myself that ripping back was the right thing to do and I wouldn't be happy with they way the finished sweater looked if I kept going.  It was worth it!  I wound up with a beautiful sweater that fit's really well. 

Here is the finished Sprossling on our manniquin.  Her measurements are actually very close to mine, but she does have an annoyingly smaller waist.  She must spend more time at the gym that I do, which would be anything over five minutes!

Andy, Kristi and me in the Shalimar Yarns booth at TNNA

I also started a fun project that uses up left over sock and fingering weight yarns.  It's the Beekeepers Quilt by TinyOwlKnits.  It's really popular on Ravelry and I couldn't quite figure it out until I saw one of them in person.   Once you start the little hexipuffs you won't be able to stop.  Ive knit sixteen of them in two days! 
I can look at each hexipuff and remember what the yarn was originally used for.  The variegated pink, green, yellow and brown is from the very first skein of  Zoe Sock that I purchased.  The colorway has been discontinued - Pillow Mint.

Happy Knitting!


  1. thank you for such a nice review of the sprossling pattern lara; your sweater looks SO pretty on the mannequin, but even better on you!

  2. Thank you Anne! Your patterns really are fantastic and the class was wonderful.