Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

It seems that spring is finally here.  It began with fits and starts of warm weather mixed with freezing cold days and snow.  Normally we have a bit of a grace period where it's warm enough to open the windows during the day and the heat or air conditioning doesn't need to run.  This year the heat was on one day and literally the next day it was in the 80's.  So much for getting to wear those fun in-between season knit sweaters!

Ive been working on Ardelise.  It's a fun and easy pattern. I wound up going a needle size to get gauge.  I think knitting all those socks recently has tightened me up a bit!

Audrey in Unst is also coming along nicely.  Breathless DK is really a dream to knit with!  Im going to try to grab all I can laughing like a lunatic get some more while we are MDSW next month. Im thinking of Oyster or Black Truffle which are two of my all time favorite colors, but haven't made my mind up yet.  I guess it would help if I had a pattern in mind!  The fronts are almost done.

  Ug! My camera is not cooperating with me today. The color is really stunning in person.

Candy Necklace should be released next week.  I am super excited about it!  Here is a sneak peek from our photo shoot:

 It's a really fun and quick knit and perfect for spring.

Ive also started a test knit for the Shalimar Indulge Me! Club.  It's from Tabetha Hedrick and a lovely pattern.  As soon as I saw the picture for it, I knew I would love knitting it!  I can't show any details right now, but as soon as the club members receive their yarn and pattern I will post the test knit.

I also have two secret patterns in the works.  One will be coming out within the next few weeks and the other one may not be out until later this summer.  Im so excited about both of them!  Beth is test knitting both of them, but I doubt you will be able to get any info out of her.  She is really good at keeping a secret!  And her model, Daisy won't tell either.

That's the Tuesday Night Cowl that Beth knitted for her sister for Christmas.  I wonder if she knows that Daisy modeled it first?

Ive created a page for my designs on Facebook: Lara Smoot Designs  I will be posting new promotions and coupons there throughout the year.  If you are on Facebook, I would love it if you would like my page!

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