Friday, December 20, 2013

A Festivus Fortherestivus

That's right, it's the time of year that many of us have been waiting for.  It's almost December 23 which means it's time for the Annual Airing of Grievances for Festivus! Since no one ever likes to go first in these things, I will start: 

To my mother who decided to tell my Grandmother she is putting her in a nursing home. Right. Before. Christmas. What is wrong with you? I can't comment further on this, because quite frankly I am infuriated. You couldn't wait a couple of weeks to do this?

To the person who brought the nut encrusted cookies of death into our home last year.  Do it this year, and it will be the last time you are invited over.  I really want to print out a copy of this article to give to you, but my sweet husband has asked me not to.

Share your Festivus grievance in the comments section by Thursday December 26 and be entered to win my new Intersect Mystery KAL pattern!

I will be talking more about the pattern the next couple of weeks here on my blog and in the Indieway Yarns group on Ravelry.  There will be a thread for the KAL in the Indieway group (it should be up today or tomorrow).  The KAL will consist of two patterns and six clues.  The first clue will be released on January 17th with a new clue coming out each Friday after that.  So, are you wondering what the patterns will be?  A very cute hat and matching mitts!  The samples that I did continually get compliments every time I wear them.  The test knitters have all been sending me pictures of the ones they have made and it's so much fun to see what they look like in other colors.  For the KAL you will need two skeins of Indieway's Best Worsted.  It's a really enjoyable yarn to knit with.  It has a great hand, shows stitch definition well, and best of all it wears well.  It's soft and warm, and I've worn the heck out of the mitt's and there are no signs of pilling. I hope you can join us for the KAL, the Indiway Group has a lot of great gal's in it and the KAL is going to be a lot fun!  

PS The pattern will be available for purchase on Ravelry beginning December 27. 


  1. To Mother Nature... although I am very appreciative of the White Christmases that you throw our way most years, I am not as appreciative of the slippery, nearly invisible sheets of glasslike ice with which you seem to enjoy slipping in here and there. (Pun intended.) You managed to take away my last day of child-free time to get things done before the holidays with this freezing rain, which means you must never have had children because snow day + housecleaning + kids cancel each other out and my house will be no better by the time guests come to visit.

  2. To my sister... You asked me the other day if we had decided that we were no longer going to make each other a little something for Christmas. In August you asked me the same question about our birthdays. I gave you the answer you so obviously wanted to hear, yes. No more socks for you!

  3. ~Posting this for a KinnicChick.~ (Lara I hope this is ok.)

    Here would be my comment:
    To my brothers: I bought them a house, moved them in, transferred all of the utilities, got all of their insurance and drug plans set up, have spent the past month decorating and moving furniture all around the house and unpacking boxes. YOU ARE FOUND LACKING.

  4. To my rural mail carriers:
    Why or why must you continuously throw our mail to the very back of our mail box? When you do this, we have to find something in the vehicle that will reach the mail, so that we can drag it to the front of the box. Come on! Really? Just really? I have thought MANY times that I should put my outgoing mail in the very back of the box, so YOU have to find something in your mail car to pull that mail forward. :D
    ~Thank You. I feel much better! :)

  5. This message is to my adult children. "When you are mad at one another over some really silly action or words that one of your siblings has said or done.....please do not bring me into the middle of it. I am the mother of all three of you and I don't like how it feels when one is talking about the other. It causes me great distress I love all three of you the same.
    sigh...Thanks Lara

  6. I am upset with the idiot who on Dec. 5th plowed into the back of my son's 2008 Nissan Sentra that was a really great car, very low mileage, super nice and almost paid for! Now, it is "totaled" and we have to find him another car that will safely take him 90 miles round trip to college 4 days a week! I don't want to go haggling for a car. You should not have been on your phone and not paying attention to your driving so that you could have hurt my son who was sitting at a STOPLIGHT. You should not have been an A$$ and driven off without sharing information...though I know you didn't get far because the front end of YOUR car was caved in and leaking fluids-we know the cops found the car...I hope they found YOU!. You probably DON'T have insurance so we are also out the $500.00 deductible because you aren't responsible enough to have your own insurance. Most of all, we are "out" a really great car... but I am thankful that Really GREAT CAR kept him safe from YOU!!!

  7. Dear winter colds, No. You may not grab hold of my children 2 days before Christmas. You are mean and nasty. At least hold off a few days. Thank you.

  8. To the USPS--If you aren't sure my Priority Package will make it to OR in two days, don't tell me it will and charge me $17.00. You have another chance today, but I don't have faith. And this package contains Christmas presents.

  9. To the person who keeps driving me crazy wanting free items because you purchased from. Thanks for all the anxiety attacks your giving me, I so love having them!

  10. To my dearly beloved: I'm happy you bought the snowmobile and have committed to staying around after you retire rather than running away to warmer climes. Truly I am. But sometimes I'd just rather stay behind and knit for a couple of hours rather than ride around behind you. It's just not as much fun for me as a passenger (and yarn is calling....)

  11. To my Dear Mother In Law.
    Please Please do not fill our 3 boys up with 'unlimited' cans of coke before a 3 hour drive home Thank you

    1. Congratulations! The Random Number Generator chose your post as the winning post! Please let me know what your Ravelry ID is and I will add the pattern to your library there.

  12. Gosh I hope I'm correct in thinking I won! Thank you Lara, I'm very excited to try this MKAL. My ravelry ID is daisy81