Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A New Beginning

Sometimes in life we have to make some tough decisions that we really don't want to.  Working for Shalimar Yarns for the past three years was truly a wonderful experience.  I enjoyed helping the company grow and expand, getting to meet many wonderful people, and making new friends along the way.  It was a really hard decision to leave, but one that is the best for me and for my family.

Last week was my last week with Shalimar and it was bittersweet.  I have received so many emails, phone calls and messages wishing me the best and thanking me for my help.  It's been overwhelming and very emotional.  I really didn't expect anything like this and feel very honored.  I have also received a few questions on why I chose to leave. It was a very hard choice to make because not only did I leave my position, but left a friendship as well.  The reasons for leaving are nothing that needs to be addressed  publicly and I hope that is something that people can relate to and understand.

So what will I be doing now?  This was something that I asked myself before making my final decision.  As my husband says, this is an opportunity for a new beginning and my choices are unlimited.  For now, I will be concentrating on designing while I look for a new position.  I am hoping to stay in the yarn industry since that is where my skills can be used to their fullest potential.

I am really excited to have a new design coming out this Friday, Frostwork in Peppino.  The colorway is Frosted Windows and I really love the way it worked up in the pattern!  I will be giving away a copy of the Frostwork on my Facebook Page this Friday.  So be sure to "like" Lara Smoot Designs on Facebook for details on how to win!


  1. Change is good. With your talents, there's nothing you can't achieve, so dream big! Thinking of you and wishing the best! xo

    1. Tierney, you really made my day! Thank you so much!

  2. Life Is Good! Lots of luck in whatever you decide to do... not that you need it! ;)

  3. Wishing you all the BEST Lara ...you're an awesome knitter/designer!