Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring has Sprung

Spring is in full bloom here and we are really enjoying spending time outside.  The Red Bud and Dogwood trees are blooming and the area we live in reminds me of some of the scenes in Willy Wonka and the new Oz movie.

Blogger is making my pictures super sized today and doesn't seem to want to let me resize them.  Sorry about that!

We had several days of rain earlier in the week and I found these cute little mushrooms on our garden path.  They appear to be huge in the picture, but are only about an inch and a half tall.  The edging on them reminds me of fringe on a scarf.

I've been wearing Tyrion's Gift in the evenings to keep the night air off my shoulders while we enjoy dinner out on the deck.   It's knit up in Tarte in Volcanic Eruption and available on the Miss Babs site.  It's a really stunning colorway, so deep and rich.  I just love it!   Leslie sent me a lovely shawl pin and it works perfectly for keeping the Tyrion's Gift in place. The brass coloring goes perfectly with the yarn!   It's a really cute design and reminds me of a heart or little scissors.

Ancient Fibre Arts just released the Catacombs set in their 4 ply Merino Silk yarn from Meow collection that I designed for them.  It's a really fun knit and the textured stitches are easy to work.

I just checked my count down app on my phone and there are only 14 days until MDSW!  I've made a list of vendors that I want to check out and have a few things on my shopping list.  It looks like it might be a damp weekend, I'm hoping it won't be of course.  But if it is, I am prepared with a new pair of short boots from LL Bean.  I've been breaking them in so they will be ready just in case I need them.  They were on sale, I think the darker tops may not have been as popular as the original lighter leather ones.  Plus I had a gift card so I really couldn't go wrong!  If you are headed to MDSW, there is a great packing tips thread in the MDSW group on Ravelry: Packing Tips The tips are handy for other festivals as well.  It seem that no matter how many times I go, and how carefully I pack, there is always something that I left at home.

Iggy wishes you a Happy Spring!


  1. Gorgeous photos and I love the shawl pin. Spring has sprung here also.

    1. Thank you so much! Leslie did a wonderful job on the pin, I really like her work.

      I hope you enjoy the warm spring days!