Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A different view on MDSW

Interesting, but this doesn't look like the fairgrounds.

It looks suspiciously like friends having way too much fun after hours in Frederick!
While my camera mostly stayed in my bag at the festival, I did take it out for a few quick pictures on our way to dinner Saturday evening.  Just as we were parking, the downtown trolley came by.  Who can resist a trolley ride? 

My one non phone picture from the festival!  Laurie and Connie with their Calsada Scarves from the Shalimar MDSW KAL.  Look how perfect Laurie's nails are!

We had a great time all weekend.  It's really fun hanging out with Kristi and Paul.  We did some knitwear and people watching while walking about.  Ate ice cream (every day!)  that seemed to be made of custard, did a bit of shopping and generally had a great time. Here are a few camera phone pictures of some festival highlights:
Kristi helping a customer in the Shalimar Yarns booth.

Andy and Paul having one of many serious moments...

This lone sheep kept baahing while we were behind her.  You know I had to baa back, right?!

Token crowd picture from Saturday.

A Cotswold Ewe and her Stylist.

I did do a bit of stash, fleece and button enhancement.  Pictures to come soon! 


  1. Guessing from these photos, what a great time you must have had - all the fleece, ice cream and laughter you can stand! Can't wait to see photos of your goodies. Love the sheep in the back of the truck!

  2. We are still taking about the fun we had :)