Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When you arrive at the beach for a relaxing weekend, it's not a good sign when one of the first things you see are warning signs.

We tried to make the best of it and hung out on the beach for a while during a fun music festival.  My legs really are that pale, hood is up because of the unrelenting wind, knitting on a Color Affection shawl, and it was freezing cold!
Andy is never bothered by the cold and had a great time!

I think this picture with the people and their dog shows how large the waves really were. Not many people ventured into the water and we just dipped our toes in.  The beach is still a wonderful place even in brisk weather.

This cute puffer fish was at the VA Beach Aquarium.  He seemed to be smiling for the camera!

Poseidon guarding the beach.

I had more pictures.  A really great one of some jellyfish at the aquarium, but blogger isn't cooperating.  I also had picture of yarn from MDSW that I wanted to show you too.  Hopefully blogger will cooperate next time!

Anyway, we wound up cutting our trip to the beach short.  We could deal with the weather, even when it rained on Sunday we managed to have a great time and didn't decide to leave until later in the day.  What cinched our leaving early was that the hotel was less than what was advertised and quite frankly very dirty.  There are a lot of things I can ignore, but pieces of food on the clock, dirt on the floor and trash in the shower combined with what was a handicapped room which was missing amenities that the room we had booked was supposed to have was a bit too much.

On the upside, we had some fantastic seafood while we were there.  If you ever go to VA Beach be sure to eat at  Rockafeller's.  It doesn't matter what you order, it will be fantastic!  If you are more in a pizza mood Pi-zzeria is the place to go.  Brick oven pizza and awesome sangria.  I am a complete food snob and both of these places were beyond good!

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