Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

Our Labor Day weekend was very relaxing and enjoyable.  We went to Dish for dinner with Shannon and Rob and then walked around downtown. Taking pictures of each other and having a great time.
Andy really spoiled me all weekend by taking me out to lunch Sunday and Monday.  I really enjoy cooking, but it's so nice to have a break.
It rained for part of the weekend which means prime knitting time!  I made some real progress on my Cassia test knit that Im doing for Anne.  It's a fantastic and straight forward pattern which makes it perfect for tv watching or knitting when company is over.  I did a quick dry fit last night to check the sleeve length and I absolutely love how the sweater fits and looks!  Pictures to come soon! 
I did manage to squeeze in a few hexipuffs.  The grand total as of yesterday is 164.  Still a long way to go, but they seem to fly off the needles.  Each one takes about 20 - 30 minutes.  The Fair Isle ones take about 45.
Ive also discovered a new favorite wine.  No, not all of them!!  It's Flip Flop Moscato.
It's light, slightly sweet and even Andy who is not a fan of Moscato seems to like it. 




  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have that faux tin ceiling backsplash in my kitchen too - I've had it for about 5/6 years and still love it!

  2. Thanks Manuela, your blog is an inspiration! I keep sending pictures from it to my husband at work. You have so many fantastic ideas!