Thursday, October 25, 2012


Last month Kristi told me that she had been working with her mill to improve Zoe Sock.  Since it's one of my favorite yarns, I wasn't sure how it could be better than it already was.  When she offered to send me some to knit up a sweater, of course I jumped at the chance!  I searched through Ravelrys massive data base of patterns and decided on Miriam.  It looked like a straight forward pattern and I loved the fit on the model. 

When the Zoe in Driftwood arrived I was so excited I wound it and cast on.  Miriam proved to be a quick and uncomplicated knit.  The new Zoe is so soft and lofty and worked perfectly for Miriam. 

The moment it was done blocking, I grabbed it and headed out the door.  I hijacked Andy on his lunch and we went to a local park to take some pictures. 

Ok, I am skipping in this last picture.  It was a beautiful day and the sweater fit perfectly.  What else can make a knitter so happy?  Well the fact that I have another full skein left over for matching socks doesn't hurt!  Now, just need to pick a pattern.....

PS Shalimar Yarns is giving away a skein of the new Zoe on their Shalimar Yarns Facebook page!


  1. Great sweater! I envy you your knitting skills.

    Yes, save those scraps of ceiling tin. They'll come in handy for a number of projects.

    1. Thanks Manuela! :) You make such wonderful things on your blog!

  2. You look amazing in that sweater Lara! I've faved Miriam myself, so you're really tempting me now. ;) Great job! I want to knit something that makes me skip, too!