Monday, January 28, 2013

Bare Naked Knits

A couple of months ago, I received an email from Erica asking me to write a blog post at the end of January about Anne Hanson's Bare Naked Knit's Club.  I was so excited and honored that Erica and Anne would think of me! 

Ive been in Anne's clubs since their inception and have loved every moment!  Each month I stalk the postman wait patiently for a club package to arrive at my door.  I take it inside, and slowly open it, savoring the first moment that I see the yarn.  I fondle the yarn for a bit and then go download the chapter that goes along with that months shipment.  Chapter, you ask?  Yes, Anne writes an entire chapter for each shipment.  It includes information about where the yarn came from, what type of animal or plants were used to make it as well as patterns to go with the yarn.  And you know, Anne's patterns are absolutely fantastic! 

The Bare Naked Knits Club is really unique in that the total focus is on undyed yarn.  It's fiber in it's natural state.  My favorite shipment from last year was Eco Butterfly Lace.  It's naturally green cotton.  I had no idea that cotton could grow in more colors than white! 

Another shipment included a beautiful brown yarn made from Yak.  The pattern that came with that shipment is Peu Bourgeons Mitts and Hat. 
Not only is there a fun shipment each month, but there is a Club House on Ravelry as well!  It's a great place to hang out, swap stories and share what you are knitting from the club. 


  1. thank you lara for writing such a nice piece about our clubs; i'm so glad you enjoy them! david and i very much appreciate you continued participation in our clubs; we love our members!

  2. Thank you, Anne. Ive really enjoyed the clubs!