Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fun Times!

December has flown by faster than I ever could have thought possible.  Every day this month has been hectic and it seems I get further and further behind.  Normally, Im done with the Christmas cards and shopping around Thanksgiving.  To be honest, I still have a few cards to send out, nothing is wrapped and I totally forgot to get the dog and bunny kids anything.  A trip to Petsmart tomorrow will fix that, but Im wondering who the heck is going to clean the house before the in laws come on Sunday?  Volunteers?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  That's ok because Im  hoping to distract everyone with cookies and presents.  If the Christmas tree lights are on it should totally distract from the dog hair on the furniture.  At least that's the game plan for now.

In any case we have really had a fun month.  Last weekend we met Kristi and Paul in Yorktown for a fun photo shoot and a trip to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens.  We had such a great time looking at the lights of Christmas Town, going on the bumper cars and drinking hot cocoa.  It really was lovely.

It was freezing on Sunday when we did the shoot for the Adiri sweaters.  The guys kept their coats and slofocks on and got busy with the cameras.  It's amazing how quickly a shoot can get done when the promise of the Yorktown Pub is the reward for finishing!

Here we are in our Adiri's
And the guys in their slofocks
If you have a chance, check out the new Indulge Me! Club that we are offering at Shalimar.  It's got four great designers and lot's of yummy yarns! Im so excited to be part of the club!


  1. Just saw your sweater photo shoot on Ravelry - gorgeous sweaters & hats!
    I hope your holidays were festive and indulgent. ;)

  2. We had a wonderful holiday, and I hope you did too!