Saturday, December 29, 2012

New designs

Ive been working on a couple of designs recently and Im really excited about them!  They will be my first published designs.  The first is a one skein infinity scarf in Shalimar Breathless Sonoma.  Shannon and Laura are test knitting it now and the release date is early to mid January.  It's called Frost in Bloom.  It's a quick knit and perfect to make for yourself or to give as a gift.  Our photo shoot will be coming up soon, this is just a sneak peek!

The second is a Greecian inspired sock,  Nikomedes.  The lacework in the cuff reminds me of the apex of the Parthenon.  The lace ribbing continuing down the leg and onto the foot are reflections of it's still standing but slowly fading columns.

Im looking for a test knitter for Nikomedes.  If you are interested please leave a comment here on my blog, or contact me on Ravelry: SpinningLara
Shown here in Zoe Sock Driftwood.
Im also really excited that I finally finished the Spectra scarf!  All those short rows took a while to do, but I love the result:
And Arctuim in all her blocking glory:
Don't forget to leave your grievances in the comments section in the Christmas/Festivus post for a chance to win some of my handspun yarn and a pattern for Jelly Beans Mitt's!



  1. Fabulous roster of your own designs in the works, and FO's! You amaze me with your productivity Lara! Keep it up - can't wait to see your two designs on Ravelry! I would offer to test knit (would love to test knit for you) but feel I'd be too slow. xoxoxo

  2. Tierney, Thanks so much! I have another sock test knit coming up and will email you :)