Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ferry Beach

I was fortunate to grow up and spend a good portion of my adult life in Southern Maine within close driving distance from several beaches.  My all time favorite is Ferry Beach.  It's small and quiet and has a wonderful family atmosphere.  As a child I spent countless days combing the beach for sand dollars, shells, sea glass and whatever else that may have washed up there.  When Andy asked me to marry him, we took a trip to Maine to visit my family.  He was curious about where I grew up and we took a drive over to Ferry Beach so I could share this wonderful place with him.  It's a very fond memory for both of us now, but not so much at the time...haha.  We wound up going a little too close to dusk which is not the best thing to do in an area next to a marsh where the state bird is also known as the mosquito!

When I started working on my new sock design, the spiraling lace pattern reminded me so much of the patterns in the sand caused by the tides and the wind and the little shells that wash up on the shore.

Shown in Madelinetosh Sock Glazed Pecan
Ive had so much fun designing and knitting the Ferry Beach socks.  The whole time I was having fond memories of summers in Maine spent at the beach.  
Thank you to Beth and Jody who did a fantastic job test knitting.  Jody's sock is on her project page, and you can see Beth's on the home page for Ferry Beach.
The pattern can be purchased in my Ravelry Pattern Shop or in my Etsy shop.


  1. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and your fond memories - now when I knit these beautiful socks for myself it will almost be like combing the beach with you!