Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Fever

It's one of those times of year when it's still a little too cold to do a whole lot outside and we have been inside so much that Andy and I both have a bit of cabin fever.  It's better than having Bieber Fever (right Shannon?), but I'm not sure how much better it is.  Andy can't wait to get out on the boat and do some fishing.  The past few weekends we have cruised though a few tackle shops to check out the latest lures and new gear.  I enjoy fishing too, it's really nice going out on the boat on a warm day and spending time together.  It's even better when I catch more fish than Andy, but that doesn't happen very often.  Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to get out there.

While Andy keeps tabs on the weather and is getting his fishing gear ready, Ive been counting down the days until Maryland Sheep and Wool (MDSW).  As of today there are 35 days left until we head to Maryland.  A week or so ago I realized that I hadn't had a chance to use all of the yarns that I came home with from last year.  I wound up casting on for several project with reckless abandon!  It's hard for me to go shopping for new yarn when I know there is perfectly good yarn sitting in my stash.  Ok, who is laughing at me now?  I know, I know, yarn in a knitter stash has never stopped her or him from buying more!

 Frost in Bloom in Breathless Love Potion for the Shalimar Yarns Knitters Gone Wild KAL on Ravelry.  This colorway is so much fun!  If you haven't had a chance to check out the KAL, there are some great prizes being given away!  Yes, those are flowers and it does look like spring.  It's really not though.  They were completely covered with snow over the weekend.  It's some kind of early April Fool's joke from Mother Nature.

Kristi had given me the most beautiful yarn, Breathless DK in Copper Pennies for a sweater.  The first one I cast on for was a beautiful pattern and I knitted the sleeves and about 8" of the body before I realized that it just wasn't going to fit my body type not matter what I did.  I wound up using that wonderful ball winder from the last post to help me frog the entire thing.  I do have to say that it was much less painful to do it this way and faster too.  One way to find out how a yarn is going to behave over time is to frog it.  I have to say, Breathless DK held up like a champ.  I cast on for Audrey in Unst and I really think it's going to be a lovely sweater for me. 
Im about 14 rows away from dividing the fronts from the back.  Since it was going so well, I also cast on for Ardelise in Verdant Gryphon Bugga Seaside Dragonlet.

My new Candy Necklace pattern is finished and is being test knitted. Beth is already done with hers, and Debbie and Linda are working on theirs. My fingers are crossed that it's nice enough out this weekend for a photo shoot.  I took a quick picture the other day on the mannequin:

Speaking of test knitters, Tierney has a beautiful picture of her Mirrored Step socks on her blog.

On Stranger Tides is in the final portion of test knitting.  Look for a release in the next week or so.

I also have a secret project on the needles.  I'm so excited about it, I'm just about to burst!  It won't be released until May but I will be dropping little hints here and there. 

Tonight I'll be casting on for Anne Hanson's new Fringetree Shawl pattern from the Bare Naked Knit's club.  I have some lovely baby kid mohair yarn that I spun a few years ago that should work perfectly.


  1. Ahh, the Audrey will be pretty too! I made one a few years ago in Socks that Rock heavyweight in Oregon Red Clover Honey, a very similar color to Copper Pennies! I put lampworked glass buttons on it and the sweater is quite heavy, though I still like and wear it.

    Good luck with it, your knitting is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Michele. I was disappointed to frog the first sweater, but it's better to admit defeat and start something else. Heading to your project page to look at your Audrey!

  3. Lovely work! Will you let me know when the neck pattern is available? I am always looking for something beautiful to cover the scar on my neck.

    Stillness on Ravelry.

    1. Thank you so much :) It's available now on Ravelry: