Friday, July 12, 2013

True Confessions

I think in life when we enjoy something some of us may tend to go a little bit overboard.  Now, a few of you who know me in real life are going to think: oh here she goes complaining talking about all of Andy's fishing equipment (it has it's own room in our finished basement).  No, this time it's a confession of my own.  Not only do I hoard yarn like a crazed chipmunk hiding acorns before a long winter, but I have another fetish.  I can't really call it a hobby because it's gone way beyond that.  But ok, here goes, true confession time.  I'm a MakeupAholic.  Particularly with eyeshadow and eyeliner.  I don't ever leave the house without wearing both along with mascara.  My friend Angie won't even get the mail without lipstick on so I don't think I'm alone in this. 

This is the collection of eyeshadow.  It's mostly Smashbox with some Urban Decay, Ulta and one Mac thrown in for good measure.   It's all much prettier in person than in this low lit picture.  It's a lot, I know.  I really do use all of it though.  The two Urban Decay pallets in the upper right are my new favorites.  The shadow doesn't crease or flake and the colors have a lot of pigment in them.

I love nail polish too.  Surprise, surprise right?  I don't wear it on my fingernails very often as they are soft and flexible.  The polish will usually chip off in a matter of days and sometimes even a few hours.  Ive have professional manicures and they don't last any longer so Ive given up on that.  I keep my toenails painted throughout the warmer months and the seem to do pretty well.  Painted toenails are kind of like little jewels for your toes.  This blue polish made me smile:

 The shoes are to distract you from the white glow from my feet!

The nail polish is all stored in a cute little wig box that I picked up at a tag sale.  The three at the top are by Butter London.   They have some amazing colors that coordinate nicely with my hand knits and wear really well.

I had a thumb injury a couple of weeks ago that required a trip to the emergency room and a round of antibiotics.  It injury was quite painful and prevented me from knitting for a while.  I'm finally back to my needles and much happier.  I'm still keeping it covered for a while longer, but at least it's just with a band aid and much easier to work with. 

While I don't have much to show that Ive been working on, Wendi finished her Frost in Bloom and it's really stunning.  I love the color so much that I had to order a skein for myself.  Wendi has her own shop and dyed this herself.

My newest sock pattern, Wentletrap, is in the final stages of being published.  The editor is going over it to make sure that I haven't made any errors in the written portion.  We had a photo shoot last weekend and the pictures turned out pretty well.  Due to the enormous amount of rain we have been having we had to take the pictures inside. I like the contrast of the orange yarn with our blue wainscoting.  Look for the pattern release early next week.


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