Wednesday, July 17, 2013


My love of seashells started when I was a small child. I would collect them in my pockets on trips we took to the beach in Maine. Even in the cold days of winter my family would walk on the beach to enjoy the fresh sea air. 

Wentletraps are a family of small high spired mollusks. Their shells are one of my favorites – delicate and complex looking with their spiraling forms. The spiraling pattern of the Wentletrap Sock is reflective of the beauty of these exquisite sea creatures.

  I really enjoyed designing and knitting these socks.   The lace pattern is very easy to remember and makes Wentletrap a perfect project to take to the beach or pool this summer.  I strive to make my patterns easy to follow and as uncomplicated as possible while still being interesting to knit.  I hope that you will enjoy knitting them as much as I have.
Wentletrap specially priced at $4.50 until this Saturday, July 20.

My test knitters did a fabulous job.  Thank you so much Jan, Lyz, BhamaLydia, Tamsyn, Jenna, Margi and Ann